Destrier Model Mechanical Armor

Mechanized armor with an aircannon and questionable neural interface.


Price: $6450 (raw materials: $3225)

Anybody wearing the Destrier gets the benefits of 2 points of Armor (or 4 for a more advanced model). It weighs in at 40 pounds, but covers the whole body. The aircannon acts as the pummel Power (from Fantasy Craft), requiring a Shooting roll to use properly. If the user wishes, he may activate the hopper. This requires a Smarts roll – failure means that the system has improperly synchronized. Success grants the benefits of the quickness Power. This is fueled off of a steam dynamo, which carries 30 Power Points.

Mishap: Anybody who rolls a Mishap when using pummel is shot backwards 2d6” as if they’d been directly hit by the Power. A Mishap using the hopper is more severe – the machine drops and goes into convulsions, inflicting the user’s Strength+D10 damage to anybody within a Small Burst Template, including the wearer himself. Finally, if the user rolls a Mishap on a Soak roll, the ghost rock coke in the ghost steel ignites. The armor bursts into flame and self-destructs, causing 2D10 damage immediately and 2D6 damage per round until removed.


The Destrier model failed to sway the Confederate Army, who preferred other models of armor. Prototypes, however, are around. The Destrier model features a special innovation called a “hopper” that passes a current across the back of the wearer’s neck, informing the armor of what the wearer intends to do. Gyroscopes and stress analyzers then adjust the movements to the environment, giving the user considerable advantages. He can literally “move at the speed of thought”. It also features a heavy aircannon. It isn’t particularly devistating, but it is purely mechanical and thus can be used even without power.

Destrier Model Mechanical Armor

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