Galvanic Cannon

Ligning gun, death at close range

weapon (ranged)

Price: $1700 (raw materials: $850)

The galvanic cannon can be set to fire either burst or jet (jet comes from the Fantasy Companion). Each of these have a lightning FX, and anybody who is struck by it is jolted harshly. They have to roll Vigor or suffer -2” of Pace for one round. The backpack carries 40 Power Points. Each Power Point represents a single ghost anode. Galvanic anodes are also called “sacrificial anodes”, so every time an anode is used it is burned out and needs to be replaced. A single ghost anode costs $1.

Mishap: Wowsers. The anodes all go up at once, blasting anybody in a Medium Burst Template for 2d6 damage. The cannon itself is destroyed.


This backpack and rifle set is especially futuristic-looking. It’s all pretty in brass and ceramic, with a very nice ghost latex conduit running from the backpack to the “raygun” rifle, complete with dish at the working end. Anybody who laughs at it is in for a rude awakening, because it shoots lightning. Lots and lots of lightning.

Galvanic Cannon

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