Ghost Lode Rod

A wand of ghost lodestone.


Price: $4500 (raw materials: $2250.00)

In order to be used properly, the ghost lode rod must be held in the hand. It has the Powers of telekinesis and deflection. Neither of these Powers will function on anything other than metal objects. Agility is used when moving about objects, but no skill is used for deflection.

Mishap: If you roll a mishap when using telekinesis, or if you roll one when attempting to duck an attack using a metal weapon (such as using Agility to avoid an area effect attack), the wand will overwork, attracting large nearby metal objects. Treat this as a use of telekinesis with an Arcane Skill of D8. It will grab the nearest largest object (GM’s discretion) that it can lift, and throw that object towards itself.

The wielder gets an Agility roll at a -2 penalty to throw the wand away in order to send the large object in another direction. On a success, it goes 1d6” in a random direction. Note that the large object might still strike the wielder if the wand gets thrown in the wrong direction. On a raise, the wielder can choose the direction. If wielder keeps the wand or throws it in a bad direction, he takes damage normally. If the object reaches the wand and it isn’t in the hand of its wielder, the wand is probably smashed.


This is a two-foot long wand of magnetized ghost steel crafted from meteoric lodestone. It’s a winner for moving metal objects. Holding it on your person disrupts the travel of metal objects, making gunmen cry when they try to get a crack at you. It can also be used to control metal objects at a distance. Its use is like casting a fishing line – you “throw” the magnetism out and then reel it around. At least, that’s how its described.

Ghost Lode Rod

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