Instant Cellular Energizer

Eerie looking device that induces cellular regrowth.


Price: $950 (raw materials: $475)

This miraculous Device functions as the healing Power. It has 25 Power Points. It requires the Healing Skill to use.

Mishap: On a mishap, the Device induces really bad cellular growth. The victim must roll Vigor or suffer a Wound. Regardless, the victim is Shaken. On a critical failure, the victim becomes Ailin’ as cancer begins to take its toll.


This device is the first innovation by Elijah Bailey. It is a smallish box that can be held in one hand (heavily, as its five pounds), with a series of buttons and dials used to control the apparatus. It has a series of electrodes on the end of a wand that’s held in the opposite hand. These are used to stimulate the tissues. The box includes a small ghost rock boiler. The whole thing has a resin covering, except for the copper electrodes.

Instant Cellular Energizer

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