Deadlands: Biding Our Time for a Better Yesteryear

The Hellstromme Express
Starting with a whole bunch of bangs.

The campaign begins in Chicago on December 2, 1879. Dodge City is host to the Kansas Scientific Symposium, a convention of all the brilliant minds in the New Science that allows them to demonstrate their newest innovations. The grand prize of this convention is a patent contract with Hellstromme Industries itself, the host of the Symposium, for the mass marketing of his or her own designs from the City o’ Gloom in Deseret.

It’s been going for three years running, and has developed its own traditions. One of them is the Hellstromme Express. Anybody who truly wants to win at competition has to go on this Union Blue line trip from Chicago to Dodge City. It’s a trip with its own rules and even its own Hellstromme Rep. Winner take all. Possibly even a bullet.

Elijah Bailey is no fool. He’s put out an ad in the Tombstone Epitaph, a tabloid newspaper known for printing stories about “were-sharks” and “el chupacabras” and “the pending Mexican invasion of the United States”. In it, he asks for a number of persons who could accompany him and his chemistry and glassware to the Symposium, in order to not only survive but retain all of his equipment for demonstration. Sabotage, it seems, is also a tradition of the Hellstromme Express…


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