Blessed Faith

Most Blessed in the United States are Christians. Special rules are provided for Voodooists, just keep in mind that not only will you have to take Arcane Background (Blessed), you’ll also have to take the Voodooist Edge. It’s an extra Edge because not only are you one of the faithful, you’re educated and enlightened in the mysteries of hoodoo.

You may be able to gain access to additional Powers (or lose access to existing ones) depending on your faith. A Buddhist, for instance, has very different focus on his powers than a Presbyterian. Also, the rules of your faith will be different. Jews can’t eat pork but can drink up a storm, for instance, while a Mennonite is totally the opposite.

Casting Values for Miracles

New rules for Casting Values. Instead of being based purely on the Rank of the Power, it’s based on the Power Point cost. Take half the Power Point cost (round down) as a negative number, and add 1. This is the CV modifier. (Yes, this means that Powers that cost only 1 Power Point to activate get a +1 bonus.)

You can maintain a Power, but every Power you maintain imposes a -1 penalty to all other CVs for as long as you maintain it. Thus, if you’re maintaining boost trait and darksight, you’ll suffer a -2 penalty to any other roll to use a Power. If the Power costs more than one Power Point per round to maintian, use that as the penalty instead. Thus, if you’re maintaining bless and quickness, the next Power you activate will suffer an additional -4 penalty.

The following chart summarizes the CVs based on Power Points.

Power Point Cost Casting Value
1 +1
2-3 +0
4-5 -1
6-7 -2
8-9 -3
10-11 -4
12-13 -5
14-15 -6
16-17 -7
18-19 -8
20-21 -9
(+2) (-1)

True Miracles

Sometimes the hand of God delivers in greater droves than you’d originally asked. All you Blessed, in those rare cases you’ve got a Legend Chip in your hand, you can potentially call down the true storm of God’s power. While you’ve still got that Legend Chip, you may attempt to use any Power, so long as it fits within your faith (in other words, rare’s the Baptist who’s gonna use zombie). However, if the Power succeeds, you’ll have to spend that Fate Chip.

If the Power fails, you’ll have to spend a Fate Chip, but it could be any kind. You don’t have to surrender that Legend Chip on a failure unless you’re out of Fate Chips otherwise.

Blessed Faith

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