Chicago, as a city, is only mostly rebuilt from the Great Fire of 1871. Virtually all the buildings are new, including the train station. The city is a walled-in fortress, with automatic gatlings, Union Blue aircars, and the like all on proud (and overbearing) display. To anybody from out West, it’d look like half the Union army is stationed here. Trains go back and forth constantly, and there are tracks everywhere.

This is a city of tinhorns, the border between Back East and The Real World. People like to think of this part of the world as civilized and educated.

Places of Interest

McCullen’s Outfitters: One of the largest such establishments on the continent and a short walk from the passenger depot, this is a general store with all the trimmings. It’s got a 250-room hotel, two resteraunts, a saloon, and an upstairs “gentleman’s club”. It sells all manner of the goods you might ask for, including official Smith and Robards’ technologies. Lodging is pricy, running from $2 a night all the way up to $3.50 for swankier accomodations.

Church of the Traveller: A place where all Christians can come to be blessed on their way westward, Lucky Greene is a remarkably ecumenical Baptist who offers blessings to anybody on the road. He also preaches against the Devil drink, swearing, taking the Lord’s name in vain, fornication, and adultery. Interestingly, he’s remarkably silent on the subject of violence. It’s commonly said that his blessings are good as gold to anybody who can follow his rules, and many a Christian traveller stops by the Church to receive a blessing from Lucky Greene, for only the price of listening to his fire-and-brimstone sermons.

Legal Issues

Carrying a firearm within the city limits is illegal. If you come in by train, a deputy will put your weapons into hawk. You can get them on your way out, be it by train or horse. You’ll be spending the night as a guest of the Union Army if you’re caught with a gun, so any time you spend in Chicago is time spent with no more than fists and knives. Keep in mind that anything “gun-like” or “artillery-like” is considered a “firearm”, so you gizmoteers can’t go complaining that “it ain’t no gun, it’s a aircannon, can’t hurt nobody”. The Union isn’t picky on these kinds of rules.


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