The Huckster directly challenges the will of the Jokers by visualizing it as a duel or game. Because the most famous grimoire in the world is Hoyle’s Book of Games, most Hucksters visualize it as a game of poker, and that has become standard. This is not, however, the only way it works.

Hexslingers are also found. Mosty these are law dogs, but a few oddballs roam around. Hexslingers visualize their devil’s dare as a gun duel. Not a gunfight, the way you’d expect, but it’s the kind of duel that only the egomaniacal crazies go into – the face-to-face, across the road, I-don’t-want-to-go-to-jail-so-I’ll-let-you-draw-first duel. The crazy duel. Every time they throw a Hex.

Other variants occur as well. The mah-jong sorcerer is said to be running around, and one legendary oddball whom nobody believes is really real envisions it as tiddlywinks. Regardless of how you visualize your deals with the devil, the rules will be the same (roll dice and use Powers in most cases, and draw cards, form a hand, and pray to God for deliverance for Deals with the Devil).

And remember, no matter how you visualize it, you’re not making deals with the devil. It’s the devil who’s dealing.


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