New and Modified Edges and Hindrances

Modified Edges


Gizmos produced by the Gadgeteer Edge have a number of Power Points equal to your Smarts.


Alchemy follows the revised rules for Mad Science.


The rules for selling the patent on your Device are the same. However, the benefits you gain from the mass production model vary. Mass production models automatically get the Raise result of improved stability – the Device will mishap only on a Critical Failure, unless you buy it El Cheapo. You may purchase a replacement of your device by ordering directly from the source for 1.5 times the raw materials cost. Increase this by half the raw materials for every Raise benefit you wish to get (remember that improved stability is free).

Under the present rules, all Devices are fueled either by ghost rock or some derivitive thereof, so this is no longer beneficial to you.

New Edges

Thaumaturgical Diffusionist (Professional Edge)

Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Mad Science), Knowledge: Occult d8+, Weird Science d8+, one or more Dementias or mental Hindrances

Mad Scientists aren’t learned – they’re chosen. Hucksters, however, are learned men and women who have devised their own ways of doing things. As a Thaumaturgical Diffusionist, you are a Mad Scientist who has learned something of what’s really going on. You get to know things that other Mad Scientists generally don’t know (talk to the Marshall about that one, player).

This insight gives you the ability to use Powers in ways you previously couldn’t. Using your Wierd Science Skill, you can take certain Powers which can be used like a Huckster’s Hexes. These do not use Power Points, but instead use Casting Values just like the Blessed. Upon taking this Edge, you gain a Power from that list. Whenever you take a new Power, you must decide whether it is a Blueprint or a Diffusionist Hex.

New and Modified Edges and Hindrances

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