Bracelets that enhance physical health and wellness.


Price: $1425 (raw materials: $712.50)

This simple Infernal Device functions as the boost/lower trait Power, enhancing Vigor. It requires a roll of Knowledge (Biology) to use, as its workings are rather arcane.

Mishap: On a mishap, the device goes horribly wrong. The victim does not get a Vigor enhancement, and must instead roll Vigor each round or be Shaken. If already Shaken, he or she is wounded. This will continue until the omni-enhancer is removed. It can be removed by a successful Strength roll, or a successful Agility roll at a -2. If Strength is used, the omni-enhancer will have to be Repaired (requires an hour) before it can be used again.


This is one of the later developments of Elijah Bailey prior to his moving on to the science of alchemy. It is a brass bracelet with a series of extremely convoluted controls. It would take a biologist to understand what all the dials mean and what the buttons and knobs are supposed to do. It contains a series of solutions suffused with ghost rock and containing various other elements, each designed to bolster some weakness or the other in the metabolism.


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