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  • Omni-Enhancer

    This is one of the later developments of [[:elijah-bailey | Elijah Bailey]] prior to his moving on to the science of alchemy. It is a brass bracelet with a series of extremely convoluted controls. It would take a biologist to understand what all the …

  • Instant Cellular Energizer

    This device is the first innovation by Elijah Bailey. It is a smallish box that can be held in one hand (heavily, as its five pounds), with a series of buttons and dials used to control the apparatus. It has a series of electrodes on the end of a wand …

  • Ultra-Metabolizer

    This is another of Elijah Bailey's useful medical devices, though this one is far less medicinal than the others. It is a specialized helmet that drapes a contact pad against the back of the neck. When activated, it accelerates the neurological process.

  • Vim Juice

    Vim Juice is a concoction of Elijah Bailey's, granting vigor and pep to all who consume it. It is a reddish-brown liquid that tastes like mercury and has no scent whatsoever.